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Waterlevel’s principal shareholder, Dr Jerry Bryan, was the first to respond to the challenge laid down by Ofwat to open up the Water Industry to competition in March 1999. After a period of piloting and market testing, he and fellow Founder shareholders secured the first NAV licence to supply potable and non-potable water to the UK’s largest papermill operated by UPM-Kymmene at Shotton. The nature of this relationship enabled Albion Water, Waterlevel’s first regulated subsidiary, to defend itself against protracted and damaging anti-competitive practices during what resulted in a land-mark legal ruling by the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Meanwhile, having secured additional NAV projects serving the English domestic market, Waterlevel was pleased to establish a joint venture with Wessex Water to develop Albion Water and its English-focussed NAV business. A successful outcome was reached at the transfer of Waterlevel’s shares to Wessex Water following conclusion of the 5 years Agreement.  

We are also pleased to report that in May 2020, our wholly owned subsidiary, renamed Albion Eco, celebrated 21 years of exemplary service to the Shotton Paper Mill, click here https://www.waterlevel.uk/albion-eco/.

With substantial industry and competition experience in-house, we understand the need for increased resilience to meet the challenges from rising demand and threats to the water supply caused by climate change and damage to Nature’s environmental functions. We continue to collaborate and in some cases pioneer opportunities to remove barriers to the adoption of much needed innovation in the water industry – especially at the community scale.

Supporting the community is a cornerstone of Waterlevel’s offering, it has worked tirelessly to promote public open space management and biodiversity enhancement within its land holdings, it listens to our Customers through engagement events and at community meetings and it has launched an ambitious 80:80:80 target – that is:
achieving potable water use of 80 lpd, 80% of peak demand delivered through NP networks and 80 Ml/d savings by 2040

About Us

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