Press Release: May 2021

Waterlevel Limited are proud to announce the sale of their remaining shareholding in Albion Water Limited.
Dr Jerry Bryan, one of the founders of Albion Water, Chairman of Waterlevel and the outgoing Chairman of Albion Water is pleased to announce that Wessex Water Limited have successfully exercised their option to buy the remaining 49% of Albion Water from Waterlevel.

Dr Bryan and his team were the first in the UK to bring real competitive strength to the water industry with a competitive service to domestic water and sewage services.

In 2016 Wessex Water joined Waterlevel in a joint venture to expand the opportunities within the sector, with an understanding that Wessex would acquire the remaining balance of 49% stake from Waterlevel on the 5th anniversary.

Albion Water has a customer base in four counties in the South of England, by running an NAV system and breaking the hold of the incumbent water companies, and securing long-term agreements with a number of water suppliers.

With the purchase it allows Wessex Water to align Albion Water with its own environmental services to grow the company to the level it deserves to be following the foresight that Dr Bryan had back in the late 1990’s when it was first developed.

Dr Bryan was pleased to announce the sale, wishing the team at Wessex and Albion the best of luck as they strive forward and how proud he is to see his image as the first competitive entrant into the water market taking its next step to success.

Waterlevel and its industrial NAV Albion Eco, is pleased to continue their growth in other areas of the Water and Energy Market, hoping to replicate the success that Albion Water has shown.

Press Release: May 2021

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