Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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By providing local community water services we are able to support the community through our achievements in public open space management and creating opportunities to enhance biodiversity and bioabundance.

We take pride in our outreach events to listen to and learn from our customers, including attendance at community meetings and liaising closely with parish councillors and residents’ associations.

There is no room to be complacent, but through our water services our goal is to promote resilient communities and ensure that this can be achieved hand in hand with wider environmental and societal benefits.

In this regard, we are actively supporting an initiative designed to enhance a green, post pandemic, recovery by taking out of work “scarred” youngsters through a bespoke program of education, training and hands-on work experience which centres on restoring natural habitats. Our aim is to support a pilot program capable of national roll-out before the end of 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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