Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Through our own experience of designing and delivering local community water services we recognise the value to the community from incorporating public open space management and creating opportunities to enhance biodiversity and bio-abundance. This is not accomplished in isolation but from the many outreach events and other opportunities to listen and learn from our customers, parish councillors and residents’ associations.

There is no room to be complacent, but through our corporate activities and water services our goal remains: to promote resilient communities and ensure that this can be achieved hand in hand with wider environmental and societal benefits.

In this regard, we are pleased to confirm our support and sponsorship to:

The North Wales Wildlife Trust (Ddol Uchaf | North Wales Wildlife Trust with whom we have established a 5-year funding relationship to support their vital conservation, access and education programs. 
For more on this please use the contact form and select North Wales Wildlife scheme and we will come back to you
Members of the Groundwork Federation (Home - Groundwork), the charity renowned for creating, restoring, and maintaining natural habitats and community green spaces. This is achieved through employability support programs designed for those of working age, but not in education, employment, or training (NEETS). We are pleased to seed fund and support a planned extension of this program designed to help accelerate implementation of the UK’s ambitious schemes for tree planting, landscape recovery and provision of more accessible green spaces. 
For more on this please use the contact form and select Groundwork Federation and we will come back to you

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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