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Checking Our Impact

Biodiversity surveys are undertaken in rivers and streams both upstream and downstream of our discharge points to make sure that any impact associated with our activity can be identified and acted upon. Whilst it can take a long period of time to identify trends in species assemblages, monitoring results to date demonstrate that no apparent

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Community Innovation

We believe that many new developments would benefit from community scale water recycling. Evidence emerging from the first dual water systems serving multiple properties suggests that plumbing WCs and garden taps off a non-potable network will reduce potable usage to 80 lpd. This compares very favourably with the industry average use of 142 lpd. Sediment

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Community Services

We provide waste water services to the residents of Knowle Village, Hampshire. Albion Water has now been providing waste water services to the residents of Knowle Village for many years. At the outset of the process to provide a secure, public sewerage service we promised that we would efficiently manage the sewerage assets, facilitate highways

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